Camera Experimenters Ring

for Raspberry Pi Camera


The Camera Experimenters Ring is designed to give you multiple mounting options for your camera board. Made from sturdy plastic the product is very durable. It has a traditional tripod type screw mount at the bottom, there is space to put two magnets on the back, in addition it has a hole for a screw from the face at the the top. On the rear is an exit for the ribbon cable connection. It gives you great versatility to set up you camera project where ever you want to. We feel it's a valuable tool to mount your camera for your project. It’s a hacker kit for your camera. Hack it !  Add a glass cover with some silicone to mount it out doors.  Use your imagination.

The CAD images are rough and will be updated as we get the prototypes in.

Side view showing the bottom

Front view tilted

Side view

Back side showing holes for mounting by magnets

Approximately 2 inches wide from Edge to Edge.

One possible configuration, shown in approximate size relative to a Raspberry Pi in a case.

We are introducing the Camera Experimenters Ring at $9 US.  After the initial launch on Kickstarter the price will go up to $12 US.

What does the camera board look like?  How does it work? Have a look here: